What Are the Penalties for Drink Driving?

In the UK in 2020, around 220 people were killed in road traffic accidents involving drink driving.

It is estimated that 1 in 20 road accidents are caused by drink driving. With this in mind, it should come as little surprise that the penalties for this offence in the UK are extremely severe.

That’s why if you’ve been caught driving under the influence of alcohol, it’s vital that you speak with specialist drink driving solicitors as soon as possible. There are several defences to drink driving charges, so you shouldn’t assume that you will be found guilty just because you were over the legal alcohol limit.

Drink driving sentencing guidelines

The maximum sentences for drink driving in the UK are an unlimited fine, six months imprisonment, or both.

If found guilty, you will also be disqualified from driving for a minimum period of 12 months.

Drink driving penalties first offence

The minimum penalty for drink driving, even if it’s your first offence, is 12 months’ driving ban and a fine.

When calculating your drink driving penalty, the courts will consider both mitigating and aggravating factors in your case.

How long do drink driving convictions last?

A drink driving endorsement will stay on your driving licence for 11 years from the date of the offence or the date of the conviction.

The criminal conviction will stay on your criminal record, but will be classed as ‘spent’ after the rehabilitation period. This is 5 years for adults, and 2.5 years for anyone under the age of 18 at the time of the offence.

Speak with specialist drink driving solicitors

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a drink driving offence, your first step should be to contact specialist drink driving solicitors as soon as possible.

MAJ Law have years of experience in representing drink driving clients. They will be able to explain the case against you clearly and help you to understand the most likely outcome. Their knowledgeable team have a strong track record of helping drink driving clients to avoid charges, secure formal acquittals, and achieve not guilty verdicts in cases that make it to court.

Get in touch with their expert drink driving solicitors today by calling 0151 422 8020 or filling in the contact form on their website for a swift response.

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